OSF R Markdown template

When I preregister a study, my favourite template to use was the OSF preregistration challenge. Now that the challenge has finished, the COS have created an updated template. When you select a template on the OSF, there is the option to include an R script to demonstrate something like a power analysis or planned analysis. I thought it would be a good idea to streamline this process and combine the preregistration template with the power of R.

I created a .Rmd file with the OSF preregistration template headers and information. Now you can write your preregistration using R Markdown, and provide any code and output directly, making it fully reproducible. You can download the template here on my Github page.

For an example of how it can be used, you can find a recent preregistration I wrote for a grant application on the OSF. The final knitted version of the document is available as a PDF for easy reading, and the .Rmd file is available for reproducibility.