Building Experiments Using OpenSesame Guide

I have been writing a guide on how to create cognitive tasks in OpenSesame. It is aimed at absolute beginners and includes minimal code. There are currently three tasks included: the Stroop task, Eriksen Flanker task, and a Go NoGo task with images. The guide and images for the third task are available on my Open Science Framework project page for cognitive tasks. Constructive feedback is welcome.

Available Tasks

I have built several experiments using OpenSesame and PsychoPy for my PhD and for undergraduates to use in their dissertation projects. You may find it useful to adapt one of the cognitive tasks I have built for your own research. You can download them from the Open Science Framework.

The current list of available tasks is:

  • Go-NoGo Task (OpenSesame)
  • Eriksen Flanker Task (OpenSesame)
  • Dot Probe Task (OpenSesame and PsychoPy)
  • Anti-Saccade Task (PsychoPy)

Despite being a useful skill for different areas of research, it is suprisingly difficult to find good resources on learning to build experiments. Here is a collection of resources I have found particularly useful: