I’m James Bartlett, a Psychology Lecturer at Arden University, UK. I’m currently writing up my PhD which I have been doing part-time at Coventry University since 2015. I will hopefully be submitting early 2020.

Research is difficult and there are many things that I wish I was told earlier, or worked out for myself sooner. My aim here is to share some useful tips that you may not be aware of, or just provide an account of my experiences. It is also a place I share research and materials I have worked on.

The content of this website consists mainly of:

  • Research methods and statistics
  • Tutorials
  • Post-graduate student and faculty experiences
  • My research
  • Tips for conducting research


I originally had a blog through WordPress, but I wanted something more flexible to easily include code. This would not have been possible without the template created by Dean Attali who made Beautiful Jekyll. I would recommend starting with his template if you plan on migrating to Github pages and know nothing about html.